Fashion Month Wrap-Up

AUTHOR: Derse  /  April 3, 2017

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Parts One and Two of our fashion series introduced Chris Thornton and his team and showcased the work they completed for 3×1 in SoHo. This final post concludes our series with an overview of the team’s efforts at five fashion shows over a span of two weeks.

With this past February packed full of fashion trade shows, Derse did what we do best and dove headfirst into the chaos. Over the course of two weeks alone, Chris and his team worked with a number of renowned fashion clients on their custom exhibits totaling over 17,000 square feet. Designing, building and executing 21 exhibits overall, Chris’s team flew back and forth between two cities for Liberty FairsFN PLATFORMMAGIC Market Week, PROJECT and Coterie.Fashion InfographicDerse’s highly-skilled team planned every detail in advance – and on budget – to guarantee each and every exhibit across the four shows was executed flawlessly. Our preparation allowed us to effectively work with multiple clients at a single show, account for last minute requests on-site, and help our clients experience results that prove face-to-face marketing is the most effective form.

This series is just a look into Derse’s experience with one specific industry. For more information on our team’s ability to provide insight and services for a range of clients’ show programs, take a look at our featured case studies.

February Means Fashion – Meet Chris
Quick Turnaround for 3×1 in NYC

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