Brand Unity on the Show Floor: Part Two – Aligning Stakeholders

AUTHOR: Derse  /  October 19, 2016

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Part One – Exhibit Design demonstrated how one creative solution unified all of DJO’s brands on a single trade show floor. This week we shift our focus from the trade show floor to what goes on behind the scenes: How Charles Schwab unified their brand by unifying internal stakeholders first.


How do you begin to track your entire face-to-face program if all the parts are moving in multiple directions? When different departments run their own brand lines, they usually run their own trade show program too. Without clear communication between teams, disparate strategies can lead to duplication of work, time and money for the overall brand.

Consider the benefits of consolidating all trade shows into a single face-to-face program: One exhibit house, one plan and one team working toward the same goal. This unification leads to cost savings, results attributable to strategy and maximization of show properties. Take Charles Schwab, a leading provider of financial services, for example. When they reached out to us, their face-to-face program was managed by different teams and their properties were operated by separate exhibit houses.


Charles Schwab sought to consolidate all trade shows into a single exhibit provider. The results led to overall funding improvement and a new, efficient approach to event management.

Derse overhauled Charles Schwab’s face-to-face program and identified gaps and surpluses:

– Inventoried all properties and determined what could be repurposed, rebranded and resized
– Created a custom website to be the single point of communication for all program activities, inventory and orders
– Identified quarterly budgeting reports to track the new solutions’ impact on each business unit’s budget
– Held strategic planning meetings to create a single, measurable strategy and execution for the overall program

Derse implemented long-term solutions that pay dividends across all Charles Schwab brand lines:

– A projected three-year cost savings of almost 10% ($362,000) through inventory consolidation, exhibit flexibility and sponsorship negotiations
– A savings of 8% annually by consolidating properties to one location and one provider
– A 100% accuracy rate on logistics execution for more than 200 trade shows for Charles Schwab’s different business units
– Of the existing properties, we were able to create 12 exhibits that can be configured into 33 new and different ways for different shows

Communication and transparency are essential for companies with a divided face-to-face marketing program. Streamlining the trade show and exhibit management process promotes the sharing of best practices across the entire business – all stakeholders can leverage each other’s learnings, reporting and resources to execute and measure their programs. With processes aligned, there is peace of mind in knowing all properties are inventoried and accounted for under one exhibit house and that they can be accessed and managed through an online hub. As a company grows, especially through acquisition, it is important for them to step back and look at their face-to-face program as a whole to uncover new and better ways of doing business.

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