Quick Turnaround for 3×1 in NYC

Chris Thornton

Part One introduced Chris Thornton and his team as they prepared for a month of fashion projects. Here’s an update from Chris on Derse’s work for 3×1 in SoHo.


March 1, 2017

The Proof Behind the Impact of Experiential Marketing


“As services and goods are commoditized, experience will emerge as the next step in progression of economic value, from now onwards, leading edge companies will find that their battlefield lies in staging experience,” writes Joseph Pine and James Gilmore. Although written almost two decades ago, many companies still fail to use this insight—often defaulting to incorporating traditional marketing tactics instead of experiential methods…


  • brand advocates
  • brand loyalty
  • David Frazer
  • experiential marketing
  • marketing mix
  • product commoditization

  /  July 27, 2016