Make Connections That Matter With Experiential Marketing

AUTHOR: Derse  /  November 2, 2017

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In today’s culture, everything is fleeting. Tweets get buried in feeds, Snaps disappear, and streaming video viewers can opt out of commercials. A recent Forbes article about experiential marketing posited this question: “Think about the best novel you’ve ever read or the best movie you’ve ever watched. What made it stick with you?” It got us thinking.

In an era packed with an overwhelming amount of content and an avalanche of stimuli, how do we really connect with customers? Here are some secrets we rely on.

  1. Have something to say — Customers don’t connect with products. Customers connect with ideas. They connect with things that matter to them. You can show them how a product works, but where’s the story? How does it connect to their life? Immersing customers in an experience resonates and connects.
  2. Speak from the heart — Billboards, ads, commercials, and other traditional forms of marketing can still be heard. But with all the noise of our text messages, emails, and other constantly working tech, these messages get drowned out. Passion penetrates this noise. If you really care, and it’s obvious in your presentation, customers will be forced to listen. An appeal to the heart goes a lot further than an appeal to the wallet.
  3. Walk a mile in their shoes — Make sure your experiential marketing truly engages customers. If your idea doesn’t wrap you in a new world that makes you use all of your senses, it won’t do that for your customer.

It may sound simple, but getting back to basics is the best way to make sure you’re not trapped in the realm of marketing jargon. Like a great writer, live, breathe, and understand your characters — in this case, your customers — and you’ll take them on a journey that will stick with them.

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