Design Insights: Ohyama Lights at LIGHTFAIR

AUTHOR: Derse  /  May 4, 2017

CATEGORY: ProductionStrategy

Raise your design expectations.

Relying on old exhibit architecture can become draining – draining on your wallet, time and on your brand’s presentation. Don’t settle on traditional design when beginning your journey to buying a new booth. Design with a focus on flexibility and lighter-weight materials to create an impact that stretches far beyond your current show year.

Derse worked with Ohyama Lights, an efficient LED technology and lighting solutions provider, to rid their program of the traditional heavyweight exhibit they typically used. Capturing Ohyama Lights’s needs of a modern, accessible, and high-value exhibit, Derse created a concept where each element within the space served more than one purpose. Combined with a strategic floor plan and the use of lightweight materials, Ohyama Lights outshined the competition at LIGHTFAIR.

The new design allowed Ohyama Lights to display more of their products compared to previous years. In addition, it produced significant costs savings through decreased I&D and increased show size flexibility with its reconfigurable format.

Learn more details on the design by downloading Ohyama Lights at LIGHTFAIR – Case Study.

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  • Exhibit design
  • Modular
  • Ohyama Lights
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