Exhibiting for Generation Z: Lessons from VidCon

AUTHOR: Derse  /  August 3, 2017

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Forbes recently posted an article by Kriselle Laran – a member of Forbes Communications Council, Head of Digital and Marketing for Zeno Group’s California region and mother of two pre-teen boys. That last designation is key for this story.

Kriselle always thought she was hip to the next trend, but her kids keep her on her toes. They convinced her to attend VidCon where their favorite YouTubers and social media celebrities would be speaking. This experience left her with some important takeaways on what Generation Z (the next wave of teens born between the late-1990s and mid-2000s, also known as Post-Millenials) really want as trade show attendees. In Four Key Marketing Takeaways from VidCon 2017, she outlines the following:

  • “It’s not all influencers and screaming fans.” While the core demo is teens, the activations consider a full range of attendees.
  • “Give ‘em what they want: being a social star.” Exhibitors should encourage social media and create the setting for attendees to snap, hashtag and share selfies. Similar to what fashion brands do at trade shows.
  • “Social stars are the new celebrities.” Basically, our parents’ Academy Awards is Gen Z’s VidCon
  • “Don’t call them influencers.” Gen Z-ers take their craft seriously, so don’t lump them into one category.

What is VidCon? Learn about the conference that’s going global:

At Derse, we believe marketers can bridge any age gap through experiential marketing, and we see that come into play in the four takeaways outlined in this article. Like Kriselle, we encourage marketers to step outside of themselves to research the generational shift in their market. A little understanding goes a long way when it comes to creating a unified and coherent experience for multiple age groups – especially when you only have one shot.

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