EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 – Winning in Sin City

AUTHOR: Derse  /  March 30, 2018

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We leveled with our attendees at EXHIBITORLIVE and showed how face-to-face marketing solutions can help clients reach higher ground, make lives easier, and elevate brand experience.

Winning in Vegas doesn’t always have to be at the tables… here are our top three wins while in “Sin City.”

Meeting You!

Why save the best for last? Our highlight of EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 was meeting YOU! Thank you for stopping by and connecting with our storytellers. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but we feel pictures tell a story and this year we wanted to share a few of our favorite narratives with you. Thanks for being cool and rolling with us through the booth experience. If you weren’t able to attend this year you can follow the stories we shared here.

Sharing Insights

We enjoyed sharing our stories with you at the booth and in the classroom. Our team presented on a variety of topics that support our thought leadership mentality such as; writing strategic plans that deliver results, using social media effectively, and five essential components of an effective RFP. To start, take a look at the insights we shared in our booth that showcase how Derse clients were able to elevate their F2F marketing through a variety of approaches.

Exhibitor Top 40

We don’t show up to work each day expecting accolades or golden apples for our accomplishments, but we definitely don’t mind when one comes our way. We’re excited to make the Exhibitor Find It – Top 40 — where we were evaluated on a variety of criteria and stole the show in the creativity and key differentiator category!

All in all we exhibited, engaged, and experienced with the best at EXHIBITORLIVE 2018.

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BIO:Derse is a complete face-to-face marketing agency and exhibit builder with more than 450 employees and six full-service divisions. Ranked as a Top 10 Experiential/Event Marketing Agency by Advertising Age and B2B Top Shop by Chief Marketer, Derse brings a smarter wins approach to exhibits, events and environments for client programs in more than 50 countries.