Taghleef… A Tale of Funding Improvement

AUTHOR: Derse  /  February 21, 2019

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Taghleef needed an exhibit refresh but only attended two shows every other year, leaving the spend hard to justify.

This is a common circumstance in the trade show industry; 75% of marketers’ face-to-face budget goes towards details the audience never even sees.

In Taghleef’s case, most of their budget went towards storage, drayage, and shipping costs, leaving little left to refresh the customer-facing visuals and experiential aspects of their exhibit.


Derse suggested moving to a total rental solution and forgoing the current exhibit structure.

Rentals are a strategic alternative to owning exhibits; they eliminate high shipping and storage costs while providing versatility on the exhibit floor. Ultimately, allowing more money to be invested into face-to-face marketing programs instead of hidden fees – in essence, FUNDING IMPROVEMENT.


“Derse’s resourcefulness and ability to create custom rental designs helped us maximize our trade show budget in a better, smarter way.” – Jackie Becker, Taghleef Marketing Specialist

The rental solution was lightweight, with fabric graphics, and easy installation techniques, eliminating storage fees and resulting in lower shipping and material handling costs compared to previous years.

Taghleef ended up with an impactful presence on the show floor and re-allocated their savings into client-facing impacts such as demo kiosks, and large format graphic installations.

Funding improvement for the win!

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