Turn Challenges Into Advantages on the Trade Show Floor

AUTHOR: Derse  /  June 8, 2017

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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation.

This world is deeply ingrained in a successful on-site experience, but sometimes even preparation can’t help you avoid certain problems that occur trade show floor. However, you can prepare to change your perception. Many brands would see challenges on the show floor as a risk for failure. Instead, use them as an opportunities to strengthen your show approach.


Embrace the Challenge

We understand that using a challenge as an advantage in terms of your show strategy is easier said than done. To help get the ball rolling, the following are a few examples of what we mean:

  • If you have last minute drop-outs at a post-show event, use this as a chance to invite prospective leads that you meet on the floor or to foster relationships with current clients in attendance.
  • If technical difficulties occur, play it cool. Break away from interacting with that tablet and converse with the attendee. Take time to dive deeper into their pain points and how you and your brand can provide a solution.
  • If attendees are distracted by their smart phone, grab their attention in a different way at your next show. Develop an app or activity involving smart phones and engage them with what usually keeps them from interacting with your brand.
  • If attendees are misunderstanding your exhibit approach, reinterpret it the following year. Next time you notice attendees taking your exhibit structure’s built-in Frisbee design as a takeaway, create an engagement that makes a spectacle of the giveaway process.
  • If you’re unable to turn a challenge into an opportunity, take time to reset and review. Maybe your current approach isn’t completely working at 100%. When faced with this less-than-ideal situation, it’s important to catch your breath. Recognize what isn’t working and regroup with your brand’s marketing team.

Work with trends you’re seeing and around perceived obstacles you’re experiencing – what you think is a fail can be a gateway to better understanding your attendee’s wants and needs, or even the best operational show strategy for your brand.

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