How to Write a Face-to-Face Marketing Plan

Christian Paschke

Face-to-face (F2F) marketing is among the most significant budget line items for marketing spend. Yet unlike their counterparts who oversee other marketing channels, such as advertising, public relations, and digital content, few F2F program owners have an annual strategic plan tied to company business goals and key strategic initiatives. Instead, the legacy trade show and event schedule acts as the “plan”, often fueling the perception that trade shows are tactical necessities with limited proof of results. Making the effort to develop a F2F marketing plan will ensure your program is strategically aligned and elevate its importance within the organization. Derse’s white paper guides you through the process of creating a strategic face-to-face marketing plan in four steps. Download the White Paper


October 3, 2017

International Exhibits: Engage Your Global Audiences


International exhibiting brings the opportunity to build brand awareness, tap into new revenue potential, track competitors and cultivate new relationships. It also brings a set of stressors and anxieties – unless you have the support of a trusted global partner. Derse led Vitamix, a premium brand in high-performance blending technology, to success at their first (and now annual) international show: Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany. This case study details how Derse built Vitamix’s confidence by managing the moving parts between countries and designing an engagement that sparked new connections in Vitamix’s key target markets. Download the Vitamix Case Study


March 28, 2017

The Proof Behind Experiential Marketing

David Frazer

Over the last decade, experiential marketing has come to the forefront as consumers are wising up to some of the superficial limitations of traditional marketing. Consumers have raised the bar in what they expect from not only products, but from the way products are promoted to them. Product features and quality are not the only deal breakers in the buyers’ journey anymore – consumers seek an emotional bond with a brand. Experiential marketing addresses consumers’ growing need for authentic connections and is a key tactic for attracting and retaining loyal customers. This white paper traces the rise of experiential marketing and builds the case for making it a fundamental aspect of your marketing mix. Download the Whitepaper


February 20, 2017

Why You Need a Trade Show Agency of Record


With more than 170,000 CES international attendees, LeTV needed multiple touch points to grab consumers’ attention. With only one month left and a looming production deadline over Christmas and the New Year, LeTV selected Derse. This case study details how LeTV drove qualified leads, on-time holiday production deadlines and cost savings at CES 2016. Download the Case Study


November 30, 2016