What if you could bring your audience inside your story?

There’s power in human-to-human connection.

It makes customers a part of the story. It creates understanding through involvement and excitement through experience. But only when done correctly.

Derse emboldens you, your brand and your company to expect more from face-to-face marketing.
Our strategies deliver creative that drives sales. Together, we’ll own the moments that move the needle.
We’ll earn your trust and prove our worth.


What if your exhibit improved,
immersed and influenced?


5,000 shows per year between 500 clients. Exhibits of any
size. Clients in every industry. What does that have to do with
your program? Everything. And nothing Read More >Our experience will give you peace of mind that we can
handle a program, but talking about our past isn’t enough to
improve your future. We want to talk about your program.
Your brand. Your customers. Your business.
If you’re not improving your business through trade shows,
what are you doing?
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What if your event had polish,
presence and purpose?


Derse has created events for more than two decades. To us, they’re more than
gatherings—they’re important opportunities to make lasting impressions. Read More >We’ll manage the hundreds of moving parts. We’ll craft the touch points to deliver your message. We’ll connect your theme with your brand, your brand with your company and your company with your customers.
We’ll build momentum to achieve what matters most: advancing relationships and improving business.
It’s time you got more out of your events.
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What if your environment advanced your
story, your brand, and your sales?


Coming together with customers in your facility should separate your company from
your competitors. Our environmental designers emphasize flexibility to adapt as your
needs demand.  Read More >Our experiential designers focus on storytelling through space to promote your message
and gain insight. Most importantly, our program strategists shape the interaction to drive decisions and build business. We’ll impact your audience
and give them a reason to choose you.
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What if international projects were as easy as local projects?


Derse can make global exhibits, events and environments function just as well as they
would in the United States. We can turn languages, customs and cultures into assets
—not obstacles. We can work with you to penetrate—and succeed in—international
markets. We take the anxiety out of global opportunities.