Untapped Potential: A Marketing Environments Primer

Are you seeking new ways to engage face to face with your customers while in-person events are canceled? Watch Derse’s thought leaders, Russ Fowler (VP of Marketing Environments) and Andy White (VP of Sales & Marketing), paint a picture of why and how you should invest in your place of business to engage with customers and drive business forward now and in the future.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • The different types of marketing environments and why they are important to your company and your customers
  • How marketing environments are being used during the pandemic
  • How to prove the effectiveness of a marketing environment
  • An inspirational sneak peek into Derse’s marketing environments projects
  • How to build synergies between marketing environments and your trade show or event programs
  • Ways to get started with an experienced approach and process

This webinar is relevant and inspiring to you if:

  • You’re a trade show or event manager looking to engage with customers while in-person events are canceled
  • You’re a sales leader looking for new ways to grow customer relationships and close business while face-to-face restrictions are in place
  • You’re a marketing leader accountable for driving brand consistency and engagement across a variety of channels

Sound interesting? Watch our webinar for more: