Delivering Best-In-Class Value

Rental exhibits have historically been used as a short-term solution to meet a temporary need—but if you expect more, you get more. Our approach to rental evolves a transactional experience into a forward-thinking approach by offering: 

Derse Trade Show Rental


Delivering best-in-class value by pairing high-quality materials with kits specifically built to lower operating costs, enhance functionality, and expedite the overall process.

Derse Custom Exhibit Rentals


Each rental kit is scalable to varying sizes allowing you to maintain a consistent brand experience while realizing cost efficiencies by re-purposing graphics.

Derse Rental Booth Kits


Customers can request real-time pricing for pre-designed kits that include graphics and a budget for show services. Pricing and timing for modified kits or custom-designed rental booths will vary.

Choose Your Starting Point

Derse Trade Show Rental Kits

Choose from our scalable, pre-designed kits to meet your exhibiting needs.

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Derse Trade Show Custom Rental

Modify an existing kit or take a custom design approach by using our rental accessories to meet your unique requirements.

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Derse Trade Show Rental Accessories

Browse our comprehensive accessories library to enhance functionality to each rental kit.

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Derse Rental Inspiration and Education

Access industry best practices and inspiration to kick start the planning of your next event.

View Inspiration & Education


Browse our library of rental trade show booths designed with a purpose of reusing graphics within the modular design family.


Whether you have unique functional requirements or need a different footprint, consider a custom-design approach by modifying one of our pre-designed kits or a fully-customized exhibit using rental accessories.

Browse Accessories Library

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Access industry best practices and inspiration to kick start your next event.