Generating buzz and drawing attention to their booth by bringing their app to life.




Project Brief

With a goal of reaching new audiences and building relationships for future partnerships, Fetch tasked Derse with creating a captivating 20' x 30' exhibit at Groceryshop that would pull attendees off the aisle and generate new app users.


Fetch, a grocery shopping rewards app, exhibits twice a year at national shows attended by their target audiences. Fetch challenged Derse to provide an exhibit solution that would:

  1. Capture the attention of grocery store and consumer goods attendees in the hopes of future partnerships with their app

  2. Generate new users from everyday consumers attending the shows


Derse recommended utilizing rental properties in addition to custom components to help them save on the cost of transportation due to the light weight of the materials and to mitigate an investment in owned properties.

Inspired by our curvilinear 20’ x 30’ rental kit, we designed a custom rental solution with space for an engagement zone, storage, demo station, and hospitality.

In collaboration with Stamm Media, Derse worked with the client to develop a lively activation, which included an LED screen visible from the aisle to catch the eye of attendees passing by. The screen displayed the Fetch app and allowed attendees to experience the user-friendly software and earn rewards. New users were easily able to create accounts and instantly start earning rewards (and even prizes) based on their participation. To ensure all eyes were on their exhibit, Derse designed a lighting solution that made the exhibit glow when someone won a prize.


The client considered the exhibit a success. Attendees expressed to Fetch’s staff that their activation was the highlight of their conference experience. Derse’s partnership and creative solutions allowed Fetch to achieve their exhibiting goals and their rental exhibit will continue to help them effectively engage with their audiences at their next national show.


More images of Fetch at Groceryshop 2023.