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Project Brief

Mondelez made their world-class brands the stars of the show at Sweets and Snacks Expo and National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) to drive customer engagement, schedule meetings, and introduce their audience to their venture brands.


Mondelez International tasked Derse with a new design and build that would blow away the competition and upgrade their exhibit to a best-in-class experience in their 50’ x 70’ space at Sweets and Snacks Expo and 50' x 100' space at NACS 2023.

For their upcoming trade shows, Mondelez had three main objectives:

  1. Make a statement to attendees that demonstrated the scale of Mondelez, their brands, and their thought leadership
  2. Have meeting spaces for customer interactions to drive long-term sustainable growth
  3. To leverage the scale of Mondelez’s brands to draw in attendees in an effort to introduce them to and sell them on their venture brands


Derse needed to design a solution with the appropriate brand hierarchy and space allocations across multiple brands. Because each brand has its own team that wanted to maximize space while staying within budget, it became a challenge to figure out which brands had priority. Derse worked with the corporate marketing team and individual brand teams at Mondelez to identify the objectives of each brand, their budget allocations, and how to work together to successfully exhibit the individual brands under one company.


Derse’s design and execution at Sweets and Snacks and NACS delighted Mondelez’s audience and helped them achieve their goals. In the end, our booth delivered on and exceeded client expectations. The client considered attendee engagement a success:


milkshakes were served over the course of two days at NACS


individuals were professionally photographed at the Oreo activations at Sweets and Snacks


people reached by the digital and social interactions of their audience, extending the impact of their booth beyond those present at the shows

In addition, attendees were overheard saying this is “the best booth they have ever seen,” and that the booth was “so fun it reminded [them] of Disney.”

“The booth looked awesome! The engagement was off the charts. It delivered [on] our strategy and core objectives…This totally new design and build was pulled off in an accelerated timeline as well…It was a great team effort.”


- Regional Vice President, Omni Shopper Activation


More images of Mondelez at Sweets & Snacks 2023.