Virtual Experiences

Re-create your exhibit digitally or take your trade show or event completely virtual.


Reach the customers you may miss seeing face to face this year with virtual experiences.


Your brand is not one-size-fits-all. Don’t let your virtual presence be just another templated interactive exhibit.

We believe a custom-developed virtual experience designed uniquely for you and your team’s goals is the only way to stand out and make the best of an atypical year for trade show and event professionals.


We have immersive digital technology and partnerships to get your brand’s messaging, media, and interactives to your target audience when you can’t be together, face to face. Here are the ways we are helping our clients stay connected with their audiences.


Derse Virtual Exhibits


An effective trade show exhibit is a branded selling environment for your customers and prospects. With trade shows going virtual, the challenge now is to channel previously planned exhibit efforts in a virtual environment, and in a meaningful way.

Read our guide on virtual exhibits.

Derse Livestream Events


Whether it’s an internal meeting or an annual customer event, a livestream event is a solution when yet another video conference isn’t enough.

The ability to broadcast your brand at a high production value provides an elevated experience when reaching customers and prospects about your company news.

Derse Virtual Journeys


While an effective trade show exhibit is a branded selling environment for your customers and prospects, it may be limited by the constraints of physical components and show floor space to tell a complete story.

A virtual journey allows for a more robust and immersive digital canvas to tell a brand or product story beyond the confines of a trade show booth.


We work with you to determine the best mix of features and enhancements to deliver an impactful virtual experience.

  • Consultation from Derse’s Customer Experience, 3D, and Multimedia design experts to enhance your design space and experience
  • Content Management System (CMS) enablement
  • CRM system integration
  • Custom digital content creation
  • Engagement metrics tracking 
  • Interactive touch points and games
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Script writing and video production
  • Social media integration
  • Virtual assistant integration
  • Training for remote presenters
  • Virtual hosts and other live talent
Derse Virtual Experience Metrics

Today there are a lot of companies offering virtual ways to reach and engage with customers. Make sure you evaluate your options and work with a partner you trust. Our in-house experts can quickly get your virtual experiences off the ground:


We’re experts in telling brand stories as engagingly as possible, no matter the platform.


We have in-house strategy, design, customer experience, and measurement teams that connect the objectives and elements of your virtual experience.


We put in the time and effort to get up-to-speed with your brand, products, and business goals.


We have a variety of vetted media and production partners to get you the content you need, quickly.