Advancing Your Experiential Marketing Audience Through the Sales Funnel

The cost of not paying attention to your audience’s learning and engagement styles is high: attendees who don’t find what they’re looking for at your exhibit, event, or environment will find it somewhere else.

It’s not that you don’t have the product or service that they need, it’s that you’re not presenting it to them in the form they’re looking for it.

When you dive into this eBook, you’ll learn about a new way of thinking about your audience by identifying their engagement styles – Skimmers, Swimmers, and Deep Divers.

Skimmers, Swimmers, and Deep Divers highlight the way each group of your audience likes to take in information. Some simply want the short and sweet bullet points. Others are looking for more information and are more willing to devote their time to you. And some are ready to go all-in and learn every last piece of information you have to share.

In this eBook, we offer concrete strategies you can use to further your audience along the purchasing path through your experiential marketing program by optimizing your trade show exhibits, events, and branded environments.


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