Create a Face-to-Face Marketing Plan in Four Steps: Part One

AUTHOR: Derse  /  October 13, 2017

CATEGORY: Strategy

If your CMO asked you to present how your trade show and event program supports your company’s business priorities, how long would it take you to respond?

If it’s more than five minutes, you’re missing an opportunity to elevate the value of your program. A strategic plan can help you answer that question faster and ensure your company goals are tied to your key initiatives.

It may seem daunting to create an overarching face-to-face marketing plan, but we’re here to break down the why, how and what of developing a program in four steps. Part one of this series begins by helping you build a foundation supportive of your company’s business objectives.

Step 1: Link your objectives
Figuring out what goals and specific targets your company wants to hit this year is the key to understanding where your face-to-face marketing program’s focus should lie. Integrating these objectives into your strategic plan shapes a path to success and supports your entire company.

A few notes to consider in this step:

  • Does your company already have an integrated marketing plan? Use it as a resource to link your face-to-face program to your company’s goals.
  • Linking your objectives begins on the ground level. Understand the company’s overall objectives and strategies to identify the part your trade show and event program plays.
  • Don’t forget about other face-to-face marketing objectives in addition to gathering leads. Although developing contacts on the show floor is a key objective in many cases, other goals such as improving consumer education may produce results that contribute to your brand’s objectives.


Laying a foundation with specific goals helps any program make headway on the show floor and in your board room. Stay tuned for steps 2-4 in creating a face-to-face marketing plan customized to your brand. In the meantime, download our white paper “How to Write a Face-to-Face Marketing Plan”.

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