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Project Brief

OsteoCentric Technologies, a medical technology company, was gaining traction in the industry for their efforts in innovation and product development. When they partnered with Derse, they were seeking an exhibit that highlighted their technology by showcasing the products in an educational and engaging way.


OsteoCentric's unique, patented thread geometry is designed to provide greater stability for implants; and this technology was changing the perception among the healthcare community. Their revolutionary product was proof that a medical technology company can contribute to and highly impact the medical device world. With this in mind, they needed an exhibit that helped them communicate this message.

Derse Trade Show Booth OsteoCentric


To meet their current objectives and anticipate the future needs of the growing company, Derse designed a scalable exhibit that can be re-configured into various footprints including 10' x 20' in-line, 20' x 30', and 30' x 50'.

Architectural elements incorporated throughout the space echoed the patented thread, emphasizing the distinct and important features of its mechanical design. Products were front and center, allowing visitors to interact with and see the fasteners, while learning more about the technology’s differentiators.

Derse Trade Show Booth OsteoCentric
Derse Trade Show Booth OsteoCentric
Derse Trade Show Booth OsteoCentric

Design elements in the booth included:

Derse Trade Show Booth OsteoCentric

Product Showcase

A showcase containing translucent bones with OsteoCentric’s fasteners were encased behind clear acrylic walls and highly visible throughout the booth. Patent drawings were strategically overlaid on the walls to effectively display the technology behind their product.

Derse Trade Show Booth OsteoCentric

Display Counters

Product counters with clear tops were located throughout the exhibit to display the fastener sets as well as their convenient storage cases. This allowed booth staff to facilitate a discussion about the product benefits as it pertains to healthcare professionals.

Derse Trade Show Booth OsteoCentric

Customer Engagement

An engagement strategy encouraged visitors to interact with the technology in an educational way. To experience first-hand how the fasteners lock in differently than a typical thread, attendees connected replica products to receivers, which then unlocked a digital content wall with more information about their technology.

Product Sculpture

An enlarged fastener served as an architectural expression of their industry-leading technology. The sculpture was horizontally divided to show the difference between OsteoCentric’s innovative product design compared to the traditional solution.

Derse Trade Show Booth OsteoCentric

Digital Learning Centers

Furnished areas with digital touch screens were located near the customer engagement area to allow for deeper discussions with booth staffers.

Derse Trade Show Booth OsteoCentric


Gaining Notoriety
OsteoCentric’s main goal when going to shows was to highlight their work in innovation and product development. Derse was able to support this goal by designing an exhibit with creative elements and customer engagements that emphasized their advancements in the medical technology industry. Our efforts have helped them continue gaining notoriety as a key player among the industry.

Program Momentum
After three successful shows in 2021, their program has ramped up with 14 shows scheduled in 2022 and nearly 30 planned in 2023.

OsteoCentric Gallery

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