Bringing AI-powered retail technology to life in a convenience store environment at NACS.


Standard AI


Project Brief

Standard AI was looking to make a splash at NACS 2022 with their expanded footprint. They partnered with Derse to design and build a new booth that would bring their brand to life on the trade show floor while featuring their AI-powered retail technology.


Purposeful Creative


Standard AI uses AI-powered computer vision cameras to automate checkout — enabling customers to shop, tap their phones, and go.
No lines, no scanning barcodes.

They like to think of themselves as providers of the modern day full-service gas station. In an ironic way, their advanced technology brings back the ability to focus on customer service like gas stations and convenience stores did in the old days of station attendants.

Looking to make a splash at the annual trade show for the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), Standard AI came to Derse with the goal of connecting with their target audience of convenience store owners and operators—and featuring their advanced technology.

Expanding from their typical 10’ x 20’ to a 30’ x 30’, they were seeking a design that would include a:

  • Convenience store environment to enable autonomous checkout with their modern AI-powered computer vision platform
  • Double-deck structure that looks and feels like a vintage gas station to inspire nostalgia and encourage conversations about the way this technology transforms the experience for shoppers and employees
  • VIP lounge area on the second floor to entertain customers and host sales conversations
Trade Show Exhibit Booth Derse


We intentionally incorporated their functional requirements with the brand identity Standard AI wanted to convey.

Trade Show Marketing

Taking notes from their old-school, full-service gas station theme, we designed a modern yet retro-inspired take on filling stations of the past to create greater awareness of their brand on the trade show floor.

Trade Show Exhibit Design

Not only did we carry the throwback feel of the exhibit through the graphics used in the mock convenience store, but the team at Standard AI also donned black jumpsuits resembling old-school gas station attendants.

Trade Show Product Display

We brought their VIP experience dreams to life by designing a double-deck mezzanine to create a designated hospitality space. Directly below, the small convenience store mockup provided the space to simulate their checkout-free shopping experience so that attendees could learn about how their system works.

Trade Show Product Kiosk

Finally, we brought the retro theme home with classic gas pumps displaying their other technologies on small demo kiosks beside a large, outdoor lollipop sign heralding trade show attendees to their exhibit. Due to the position of the booth, the lollipop sign was visible on major pathways from a long distance.

Derse Trade Show Booth Exhibit


By tuning into Standard AI’s design objectives and brand identity, Derse’s purposeful creative approach helped Standard AI make an industry-wide statement at NACS.

Our collaborative design process lead to an exhibit that successfully demonstrated the effectiveness and convenience of their forward-thinking shopping system.