Bringing Sprint’s unique 5G vision to life for visitors to explore, experience, and discover.




Project Brief

Sprint is a communications services company that creates better ways to connect its customers to the things they care about most. Sprint is widely recognized for developing, engineering, and deploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the United States. Therefore it was no surprise when Sprint wanted to create a 5G experience space within their Executive Briefing Center and turned to Derse to help implement.


We were asked to create an immersive, aspirational environment that offers a glimpse into Sprint’s unique vision of 5G, allowing their visitors to:

  • Explore the ‘building blocks’ of Sprint’s approach to 5G.
  • Experience breakthroughs from key partners working with Sprint to make 5G a reality.
  • Discover a vision of how these innovations will manifest in all aspects of daily life by bringing the “brighter future for all” campaign message to life.
Sprint 5G Lab Environment


The new 1,100 sq. ft. experience center was created for visitors to discover the “brighter future for all” that is made possible through Sprint’s 5G network. The space provides ample opportunities for visitors to get ‘hands-on’ with cutting-edge approaches to 5G, presented in the context of this technology’s vast, universal potential by taking visitors on a curated journey:

Sprint Marketing Environment


As visitors enter the 5G space, a series of messaging opportunities and experiences tease to the brighter future that 5G technology will make possible.

Sprint Marketing Environment
Sprint Marketing Environment


An introductory experience positions this moment in time—at the cusp of the 5G revolution—as a critical turning point in wireless technology that will change everything. This area introduces the audience to the key building blocks of Sprint’s 5G network – their fiber optic network, 2.5GHz spectrum, and massive MIMO radios.


As visitors continue through the space, this hands-on showcase features robust prototypes and other interactive experiences that highlight the exciting tools and technologies Sprint and their partners are developing to facilitate this revolution.

Sprint 5G Lab Engagement


The journey crescendos with an aspirational vision of the 5G-enabled future, providing tantalizing glimpses into how this technology is transforming every aspect of people’s lives.

Sprint Lab Projection Mapping


Our vision for the space was to position the shift to 5G as a monumental change in the communications world, positioning Sprint and their partners as the team that will transform possibilities into a brighter future for all through interactive demos showcasing both today’s innovations and tomorrow’s potential. And we did just that—brought Sprint’s unique 5G vision to life for visitors to explore, experience, and discover. 


More images of Sprint's 5G Experience Center.