SentinelOne rSA 2020

Eye-catching design and audiovisuals leave a lasting impression.




Project Brief

SentinelOne is known for being a disruptor in the cybersecurity industry and their trade show presence is expected to uphold this reputation. In preparation for their 2020 show schedule, they turned to Derse to design and build a new booth that would disrupt the traditional look and feel at RSA.


SentinelOne wanted an immersive experience that would extend beyond the booth – one that attendees would be compelled to visit. As guests stepped into the booth, they wanted to transport them into a space that felt nothing like the traditional trade show floor. The environment needed to be filled with motion, special effects, and dramatic sounds.

Ultimately, the challenge Derse was presented with was to design a space that was a physical manifestation of the interconnectedness of our world and the importance of the secure flow of data.


We approached our solution in the best way possible - with a strong collaboration between Derse’s creative designers and SentinelOne’s Design Director and Chief Marketing officer. Our collective goal was to break away from what was deemed to be traditional within a standard exhibit environment. Drawing inspiration from well-known architect Zaha Hadid’s curved architectural lines, the night-time Singapore skyline, and the desire to incorporate mirrored surfaces, we designed and built a show-stopping exhibit.

Upon approach, the physical elements within the space were pushed to the perimeter, opening up sightlines to the central attract feature—the tree of life. The tree is a metaphor for the flow of data in our everyday lives – permeating everything we do. Data flows from the roots, through the trunk, up into the branches, and finally to the leaves much in same way data connects all of our lives.

SentinelOne Trade Show Exhibit
SentinelOne Trade Show Exhibit
SentinelOne Trade Show Exhibit

The entire space was alive, pulsating with audiovisual and lighting elements from the elevated floor plane up to the suspended perimeter header. These elements were purposefully tied together with liquid media and color changing LED strands in a way that promoted SentinelOne’s Singularity software platform. A flexible theater area with a large curved LED screen, artfully crafted demo kiosks with the latest tech, and a gravity defying genius bar rounded out the space.        

Within the design details of the physical structure, each material in the space was carefully selected to either reflect the surroundings or disappear completely into the background. The mirrored finishes and acrylic materials allowed the audiovisual, lighting, and more importantly SentinelOne’s product, to be the star of the show. 

Walking away from the space, having engaged with their product offerings, attendees were left with a lasting impression of an environment that was truly unique.  

SentinelOne Trade Show Exhibit


SentinelOne received rave reviews for making such a bold statement at RSA 2020. Attendees said it was one of the coolest booth experiences they had ever seen at the industry shows and credited the audiovisual and digital signage as the element that attracted them and kept their attention. In addition to the eye-catching visuals of the digital signage, the pulsing of the central tree element was a real call to action, begging attendees to step in and experience the world of SentinelOne.

In addition, the booth earned an Event Marketer Experience Design & Technology Award for Best Trade Show Exhibit.

"Our product is revolutionary in what it does. The booth is revolutionary for RSA."

"The booth is incredible. It takes everyone's breath away."


–SentinelOne Chief Marketing Officer