What if your event had polish,
presence and purpose?

Derse has created events for more than two decades. To us, they’re more than gatherings—they’re important opportunities to make lasting impressions. We’ll manage the hundreds of moving parts. We’ll craft the touch points to deliver your message. We’ll connect your theme with your brand, your brand with your company and your company with your customers. We’ll build momentum to achieve what matters most: advancing relationships and improving business.

It’s time you got more out of your events.


What if your space kept pace with your story?

Briefing Program Managers know the only thing permanent within their facility is
change—campaigns, brands and business goals. Read More >As an event professional, you know that surprises are a certainty. Derse’s in-house team will earn your trust by solving challenges before they become problems. We ease the pressure and increase excitement. We’ll take direction and bring fresh perspectives. We handle the business of the event so you can take care of business at the event.Read Less >


What if every touch point had a purpose?

An event without impact is no event at all. Derse encourages your customers to
celebrate your brand by transforming every element—no matter how basic it may
seem. Read More >Every touch point is an opportunity to advance your message. We can even work in metrics to gauge how you’re doing and get a sense of brand and business performance. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?Read Less >


What if the conversation sparked customer action?

Questioning the value of events is the first step toward improving their worth. It’s not enough that everything ran on schedule or that attendance was “good.” You’re not picking up the tab for “good.” You need to know that the dollars you spend are worthwhile investments. With the right approach, we can shift your focus from having a good time to getting more for your money.