Butterfly Network

Derse created an aesthetically inspiring experience that disrupted the norm and left attendees in awe.


Butterfly Network



Project Brief

“Be simple. Be human. Be bold.”

This was the underlying message the Butterfly Network wanted to portray when exhibiting at AAPA 2019. Seeking to create an emotional experience that was cozy and human, they turned to Derse to help bring this vision to life.   


Using a combination of custom and modular components, Butterfly Network sought to create an emotional experience for attendees with an exhibit that could transform from show to show.


Derse created an aesthetically inspiring experience that disrupted the norm and left attendees in awe. The modular exhibit components could be re-configured for 10x20, 20x20, or 20x30 exhibit footprints along with incorporating unique shapes and vantage points.

The most compelling design components included a 20’ high arch that spanned the booth in the 20x20 and 20x30 configurations, the large scale LED feature, and the central patient bed which doubled as a storage unit. Besides minimal placement of iPads and small screens, the focus was on the simplicity of Butterfly Network’s ultrasound machine. The hand-held pocket-sized personal device was exhibited in demonstrations to incoming attendees.

Further expanding on Butterfly Network’s core message, Derse’s designers cloaked the booth in black fabric and corresponding laminates accented with tan and blue. This is a bold statement with white being the dominating color.

To provide a human touch to the design, the designers incorporated a wood grain laminated to bring warmth to what could be a dark space. This provided an organic, earthy platform to elevate the product that is inherent in its design.

LED accents were purposely placed to highlight two key elements within the booth. The 20’ fabric arch was accented with the LED elements that envelop the space, and the Live Scan area, where attendees could get first hand, real-world experience operating and handling Butterfly Network’s product.


“Be simple. Be human. Be bold.”

The exhibit delivered on all aspects. The simple, clean design with warm touches make the exhibit experience focus on the human aspects of the product versus the technology. The large-scale arch and over-sized LED wall boldly introduce Butterfly Network as a company seeking to disrupt not only the standard white radiological booth we see at shows but also one who wants to disrupt the entire radiological industry with their pocket-sized scanner.


More images of Butterfly Network at AAPA.