YKK AP America

Immersive product showroom features architectural facade systems, entrances, and windows


YKK AP America



Building Products

Project Brief

YKK AP America is a technology-oriented manufacturer of commercial facade systems and residential doors and windows. They wanted to create a showroom in their new downtown Atlanta office where customers, prospects, dealers, and partners could see, experience, and learn about YKK AP and their products.

We were asked to create a customer experience that communicates the YKK AP brand but also highlights the value propositions, stories, applications, and adaptability of YKK’s products. Our challenge was to showcase the scale and breadth of products while creating a thoughtful customer journey that included immersive experiences throughout the new space.

YKK Derse Product Showroom
Derse Branded Environment Marketing YKK
Branded Environment Design YKK Derse

The development process began with a discovery session with YKK AP’s stakeholders to gain insight into the audiences they wanted to reach. Using this information as a guide, we designed a product showroom featuring visually appealing structures that house YKK’s. This allowed visitors and staff to easily get “hands on” with their windows to highlight the value proposition and immense history of YKK’s products.

YKK Derse Customer Experience Center


YKK has, and continues to have, an increase of customer visits and tours through their product showroom as a direct response to the enthusiasm and pride this showroom creates within their staff.


More images of YKK's Product Showroom.