GAtes - Environment

See how Gates used 1,200 square feet to tell their stories of past, present, and future endeavors.





Project Brief

Derse partnered with Gates to design, build, and install a customer experience center in their new Denver, Colorado headquarters for internal and external stakeholders.


Derse was challenged to use the 1,200 square foot space to tell the story of Gates – past, present, and future endeavors. The customer experience center needed to immerse customers and prospects in an engaging, educational, and entertaining way - creating brand awareness and affinity while guiding visitors along the purchasing path.


The overall space flows to mimic the forward progression and continuous momentum Gates is making as a company. The journey begins with a historical overview of landmark dates, featuring product innovations and important discoveries. As visitors move through the space, they have the opportunity to see the breadth of products across industrial and consumer industries.

Gates Marketing Environment

Within each vignette, visitors discover Gates products at play, in motion, at work, and at home.  Beginning with Gates’ more than 100-year history, the self-navigated space includes hands-on displays such as bicycle pedals, engine chains, and the inner workings of a cutaway model house. Demonstrating the scope of Gates’ experience, visitors learn and interact with the scenarios in which Gates products are employed – agriculture, mining, and industrial applications. The experience ends with visitors previewing how Gates is accelerating into the future.

Gates Marketing Environment

Derse designed a holistic view of Gates to give visitors a greater appreciation of the company’s journey of innovative progress throughout the last century. Through tactile demonstrations, visitors are active participants in how Gates is powering progress worldwide.


More images of Gates' customer experience center.