Making an impact as first-time exhibitors at CES.




Project Brief

Clarios set a goal to educate their audience on the relevance of their products at CES. They trusted Derse to design, adapt, and execute their exhibit to create a memorable learning experience for CES attendees.


Although they had previously participated in CES, this was their inaugural appearance on the show floor. Clarios aimed to enhance their presence and promote brand recognition at CES 2023, thus turning to Derse for skillfully crafting and implementing their 30' x 40' booth.

As a world-leader of low voltage automotive batteries to automakers globally, Clarios strategically chose a booth location in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where vehicle technology exhibits were concentrated. Given Clarios' relationships to major automakers, proximity was crucial not only for facilitating meetings with them but also for being associated with leaders in mobility today and tomorrow.

Derse designed an impactful and vibrant space so that Clarios reps could have engaging conversations about the benefits of Clarios’ products and software.

The exhibit was designed and produced, crated and shipped, and all that was left come December 2021 was installation. However, Clarios and many other exhibitors faced the difficult decision to cancel their participation prompted by concerns over employee safety amid the Covid-19 Omicron Variant.

Rather than discarding the entire exhibit, Clarios utilized their intended presence at CES 2023 to refine the experience, making it even better while taking advantage of cost savings from the proposed 2022 experience.

Derse Clarios CES Trade Show Booth

One of Clarios' crucial highlights at CES was the unveiling of their cutting-edge battery technology, known as Smart AGM. This groundbreaking battery design incorporates real-time performance monitoring, enabling it to sense, diagnose, and communicate its own condition. It has the capability to support safety-critical functions and detect any alterations in battery function that might potentially impact the power supply.

Derse Clarios Exhibit Booth

Clarios trusted Derse to upscale the exhibit, effectively demonstrate their new battery technology, and make an impact at CES.


Derse’s nimble and consultative approach created opportunities for Clarios to achieve their goals in a smaller space without reducing impact.

From 2022 to 2023, Clarios decreased their booth space from a 30’ x 40’ to a 30’ x 30’ — what changed in their design? Derse removed the conference room, which aligned with their intent to have casual, educational conversations, rather than private meetings.

Consistent with the 2022 and 2023 booth designs was the utilization of rental components, which gave Clarios room in their budget for customized features within the exhibit.

Derse Trade Show Customer Engagement
Derse Exhibit Customer Experience


By working with Derse, Clarios was able to connect with their audience, tell their story, and successfully execute their first trade show exhibit.

Not only did the install go smoothly and according to plan, but the game drew in more than 400 people throughout the four days.

69% of the game participants completed the survey, which allowed Clarios to identify new opportunities with attendees and exhibitors who visited their booth. Since CES 2023 was their first time exhibiting on the show floor, the data will serve as a benchmark for success as they prepare to attend future shows.


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