Coro Cybersecurity

An unforgettable trade show exhibit driving brand awareness.


Coro Cybersecurity


Project Brief

With a goal to increase their brand awareness at Channel Partners Expo, Coro trusted Derse’s creative to make them the star of the show.


Purposeful Creative


With a goal of increasing their brand recognition, Coro, a modular cybersecurity provider, partnered with Derse for their 20’ x 20’ booth at Channel Partners Expo (CP Expo).


Derse developed a design that brought their brand’s hexagonal icon to an encompassing 3D environment. Each one of the illuminated hexagonal edges created the perimeter structure, comprised of colors from their brand palette.

With approval from the general contractor, the design exceeded the show’s height limits. The towering overhead signage prominently displayed Coro’s brand making the exhibit unavoidable, even from the far reaches of the show hall.

Our design incorporated cutting-edge audiovisual technology with innovative design:

  • LED edge lighting to create a glowing effect surrounding the booth
  • LED chandelier to elevate the booth’s interior
  • Transparent LED video stretched 16 feet wide and 16 feet tall across the front of the booth

Coro’s transparent video panel acted as a large digital billboard displaying marketing messages on a timed loop, which Derse planned and developed.


When the show opened, the illuminated booth delighted attendees.

“90% of the people came to the show not knowing who Coro was. 100% knew who Coro was when they left!”
- Dror L., Co-Founder

Coro succeeded at promoting their brand and their island booth was recognized as the Best in Show.


More images of Coro Cybersecurity at Channel Partners Expo.