Derse ExhibitorLIVE 2019

Derse Lands EXHIBITOR Magazine Sizzle Award for Top Integrated Program.





Face-to-Face Marketing

Project Brief

Each year Derse attends EXHIBITORLIVE, the premiere comprehensive educational event for trade show and event marketing professionals. Derse’s presence at the 2019 conference brought to life the concept of “Wanderlust…Where To?” The concept was built from the insight that trade show professionals are road warriors. They love to share where they’ve been and where they dream of going. Throughout the conference week, we invited EXHIBITORLIVE attendees to imagine their personal and professional dream destinations and to inspire them that, with Derse, their desired trade show program is within reach. And, the journey together is so worth it.


Derse’s pre-show campaign for EXHIBITORLIVE alluded to the travel theme that would allow attendees to share their own dream destinations. 

Derse Trade Show Exhibit


The exhibit displayed travel posters used as visual aids accentuating Derse’s ability to help attendees reach their professional destinations.

Derse Trade Show Exhibit

Overhead a 6-by-16-foot LED panel boasted scenery one may expect to find wandering through cities, parks, forests, or other scenic landscapes.

Derse Trade Show Exhibit

Derse’s exhibit Adventure Fund Wall featured more than 200 orange acrylic pins, acting as real-world counterparts to Google Maps’ digital location markers.

Derse Trade Show Exhibit

In the center of the exhibit, attendees were invited to pin their dream destination on a unique diaxium world map.


To pay tribute to Derse’s travel theme, the “Taste of Morocco” customer appreciation event boasted North African fare, music, and a featured spice-mixing station. Attendees were also encouraged to participate in a green-screen photo op, placing them in front of bucket-list destinations.

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Elaborate physical mailers were sent to highly qualified booth visitors thanking them for connecting at EXHIBITORLIVE 2019.

Derse Trade Show Exhibit
Derse Trade Show Exhibit
Derse Trade Show Exhibit


Through the Wanderlust experience, Derse:

  • Engaged 360 booth visitors.
  • Inspired more than 150 people through thought-leadership educational presentations.
  • Received 152 entries into our travel sweepstakes.
  • Made the Exhibitor Find It – Top 40
  • Was awarded an EXHIBITOR Magazine 2019 Sizzle Award honoring excellence in trade show exhibit promotions


More images of Derse at EXHIBITORLIVE.