A Dream-Come-True Experience at Mobile World Congress Americas.




Project Brief

Mobile World Congress Americas is a three-day, tech-focused, B2B event that features mobile-connected products and services through immersive demonstrations of cutting edge advances for retail, transport, automotive and other major industries. Samsung attends the conference each year to showcase their latest technology and, this past year, they focused their trade show experience on the features of the new Galaxy Note10.


Following the launch of their newest phone just weeks before MWCA, Samsung wanted to generate buzz about the out-of-this world features of the Galaxy Note10 to media and those in the mobile industry. Samsung, who Derse has partnered with for nearly two decades, sought to convey the nearly surreal capabilities of what the phone could do with an immersive engagement.


Derse’s creative minds did just that.

They designed and produced an out-of-this-world experience and environment. The exhibit experience took attendees on a multi-station journey that delved into a dreamlike wonderland to show visitors the futuristic capabilities of the new Galaxy Note10 such as 3D scanning, AR doodling, and motion-activation.

Samsung Trade Show Exhibit

Here, attendees were in engaged in four imaginative experiences.

Samsung Trade Show Exhibit

1.  The first showcase was a reflection of “self."

Pedestals wrapped in mirrors reflected the image of attendees as they approached the display. Highlighting the device’s selfie camera, remotely controlled by the S-Pen stylus, attendees interacted with the camera to see their image displayed on the monitor in front of them.

Samsung Trade Show Exhibit

2.  “The dream is a mirror. A reflection of self, how you see yourself, and how you want to be seen.”

The second showcase was a reflection of the device – iridescent, light, and playful. A mural backdrop of a massive bubble mimicked the glistening objects enclosed in glass—various abstract knickknacks, and mostly prominently, gleaming Samsung Galaxy Note10 cell phones.

Samsung Trade Show Exhibit

3.  “Dream, create, and share in 3D AR”

The third stop on the journey showed off the 3D capabilities of the phone. In the background, an evening Los Angeles cityscape blurred into a hazy purple sky, setting the tone for the surreal and dream-like state. As a nod to childhood dreams, plush teddy bears came to life as attendees played with the phone’s animation and 3D scanning features.

Samsung Trade Show Exhibit

4.  “Create what you dream to see in this world and follow that where it takes you”

The final showcase was the most vibrant of all: a fiery portrait of a woman overlaid with abstract sketches hinted at the creative capabilities of the Galaxy Note10. A professional artist demonstrated the drawing applications by enhancing portraits of attendees in real-time.

Samsung Trade Show Exhibit


The immersive exhibit optimized the dream-like qualities of Samsung’s latest products while showcasing the functionality for a hands-on experience. Visitors to the exhibit were delighted by the imaginative engagements and opportunities to individually experience the Galaxy Note10.


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