Recognized Best in Show at RVX 2019.




Project Brief

Dometic, a global leader in mobile living, is no stranger to helping people reach new destinations. They develop, manufacture, sell, and service a broad range of products to enhance comfort, performance, and safety in vehicles. It’s mobile living, made easy. They truly prove you can go anywhere with the right equipment, and the right guidance.


Heading into RVX 2019, the national RV trade show, Dometic was at a place in their brand journey where they wanted to do things differently and set themselves apart from the competition. With some help from Derse’s thought leaders and exhibit designers, Dometic’s presence at RVX 2019 went beyond the traditional approach and nabbed the title, Best in Show.

Here are the three ways Dometic earned their Best in Show victory at RVX 2019.

1. They turned their space into a selling environment.

Dometic showcased how they make mobile living easy by creating an actual mobile living environment, trees and all.

One step into Dometic’s 30’ x 30’. exhibit and attendees found themselves surrounded by trees, shrubs, rocks, and even bears! Don’t worry, they weren’t real.

This was no traditional exhibit. Dometic's RV was completely transparent. Yes. Completely. Transparent.

Dometic Trade Show Exhibit

Dometic wanted attendees to see all that was possible in mobile living when using their products, but to make the right impact, Derse had to get creative with how the products were presented.

Dometic Trade Show Exhibit

The RV was outlined with black sculpted metal and filled with 4’ x 8’ sheets of clear acrylic, serving as the RV walls. Vinyl applied to the exterior of the structure represented windows and external detailing, and the RV was complete with faux wheels. The structure showcased product in a bold and stand out way.

Dometic Trade Show Exhibit

The RV included Dometic’s new integrated IOT (Internet of Things) system. It delivered a state-of-the-art digital program giving customers the ability to fully customize and control every product inside of the RV. Attendees could test the blinds, full-sized refrigerator, sink, microwave, toilet, and furnace, all from the touch of a button.

Dometic Trade Show Exhibit
Dometic Trade Show Exhibit


Attendees stepped inside the Plexiglas RV and experienced a real-life representation of Dometic’s mobile living, made easy. Under one-see-through roof, Dometic showcased: Oceanair blinds, full-sized refrigerator, sink, microwave, stove, range, toilet, furnace, water heater, mini-fridge, slide out cook-top, and a wine fridge; because even on the road, vino is best served cold!

Digital marketing components were integrated with QR codes marking each product within the RV, providing additional information to attendees on special features and specs via their mobile phones. The combination of real-life application and digital activation created an immersive brand experience within the environment, helping bring their concept “mobile living, made easy,” to life on the show floor and giving the audience a glimpse of what’s possible with Dometic.

Dometic Trade Show Exhibit


Dometic used their trade show space to leverage a dedicated and confined audience. RVX attendees were in a buying mindset, eager to learn, test out products, and give feedback in real-time. Dometic harnessed their exhibit visitors feedback as the ultimate focus group for product research.

The interactive kiosks prompted attendees to answer questions on current and future products, giving Dometic the opportunity to use that intelligence to accelerate their product innovation lifecycles without the need to showcase every product on the floor.


More images of Dometic at the National RV Trade Show.