Masimo – Virtual Journey

Telling their brand story in an immersive virtual environment.





Project Brief

Masimo, a manufacturer of patient monitoring pulse oximetry technology, was relying on their in-person event schedule in 2020 to drive revenue. When trade shows and in-person events canceled for the foreseeable future, their plan for revenue generation came to a screeching halt.


Without the ability to connect with their target audiences at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference, our teams got to work for their next show that was going virtual: the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society (CAS) Annual Meeting.

However, Masimo’s virtual presence needed to extend beyond the one virtual show. We partnered together to develop a pivot plan that aligned with their goal of showcasing their products and keeping them at the forefront of key opinion leaders.

Masimo Virtual Journey


Masimo’s pivot plan was developed as a two-phased approach to achieve their short and long-term goals while unable to meet face to face with target audiences.

Our collective teams brainstormed the best approach to make the greatest impact and determined repurposing their booth design as a virtual exhibit wasn’t the right solution for them or their product.

Fascination grew from a few words…

The virtual world is limitless, we are not bound to the same confines of a typical trade show.

Born from this idea, we came up with a virtual journey that started in a hospital operating room.

Phase I: A Virtual Operating Room

Needing to tell the story of the interconnectivity of Masimo’s product offerings and the benefits they bring to healthcare professionals and patients, what better way to feature them than in their intended environment?

Collaboratively, our customer experience and event teams were able to:

  • Identify the appropriate virtual space and messaging to reach target audiences
  • Partner with an industry-leading developer to build and host the virtual space
  • Design an interactive 3D environment depicting a sterile operating room, featuring the product as the hero
  • Integrate hot spots to watch product videos and download content
  • Allow attendees / visitors to self-navigate the space and engage with relevant content.
  • Successfully launch the virtual journey in an accelerated timeframe for CAS
Masimo Virtual Journey


The virtual environment effectively took audiences on a journey that represented and communicated the important interconnectivity of Masimo’s patient monitoring systems. This initial phase achieved their short-term goal of being able to connect with key opinion leaders in a virtual world.

Phase II: A Virtual Hospital

We are currently working on the expansion of the virtual journey to showcase Masimo’s product integrations and functionality within an entire virtual hospital setting. This virtual expansion will provide Masimo an enhanced platform to continue connecting with key opinion leaders to communicate their mission: Improving Patience Outcomes and Reducing the Cost of Care.

Masimo Virtual Journey Gallery

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