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Operational excellence for a large-scale outdoor pavilion.


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Project Brief

Gearing up for CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, John Deere and Wirtgen trusted Derse to manage and execute the operations of their 219’ x 320’ outdoor booth space including a large pavilion and surrounding product displays and presentation zones.


In order to execute this large-scale project, we built a team of expert vendors and client partners to support the many components it takes to successfully put on a show of this magnitude. We worked closely with our trusted suppliers including a tent structure provider, two audiovisual partners, show-designated general contractors, and installation and dismantle crews. Derse was the operational leader to keep all vendors aligned, informed, and on track leading up to installation and each day (and night) throughout the 11-day install.

Derse Deere Trade Show Booth Design


In addition, Derse managed and sourced the carpeting, interior walls, rental furniture, ceilings, café spaces, and production of all interior and exterior pavilion graphics. For the surrounding engagement zones, Derse managed the installation of all exterior treatments, walkways, presentation zones, and 520 tons of gravel for John Deere and Wirtgen’s machinery to park on. To manage a smooth install schedule, Derse developed a timeline for the around-the-clock installation beginning on March 3 (11 days before the show opened). Over those 11 days, Derse oversaw everything from client deliveries, vendor operations, gravel application, and the placement of 66 machines.

Deere Wirtgen Exhibit Onsite Execution Dere


In the pre-show planning process, we used our relevant experience to recommend a strategic installation plan for the exterior product display areas by splitting the space into four quadrants according to the types of equipment. When delivering the equipment and corresponding materials, each of the crates were color-coded and numbered according to the zone where they would be displayed and forklift drivers were prepared with what items needed to go where. This allowed for an efficient and timely placement of all equipment.

Throughout installation, Derse coordinated a daily meeting of all the partners working on the exhibit. The team used this time to communicate the work they completed thus far and update the schedule for the next day. With Derse’s detailed schedule and flexibility to adapt to bad weather and delivery delays, the exhibit was completed a full day before show open, giving the client additional time to clean and go through their punch list.

Exhibit Company Derse Trade Shows
Derse Trade Show Exhibit Company Conexpo


Just like most outdoor pavilion structures, John Deere and Wirtgen’s outdoor exhibit had the potential to put them at risk of weather complications during installation and throughout the show. In preparation for weather complications, Derse developed a variety of contingency plans in the event there were delays or issues. One plan included partnering with an engineer to calculate the maximum wind speeds that the large LED screen could sustain before it had to be brought down to the ground. In the event that wind speeds were too high, emergency doors were designed for the tent structure to ensure attendees could still enter and exit the structure. Fortunately, wind speeds remained below the maximum level, and no alterations needed to take place during the show.


When the show opened, John Deere successfully welcomed thousands of visitors to their largest domestic co-branded exhibit with the Wirtgen Group to-date. Throughout the show, attendees were elbow-to-elbow on the walkway, which was a mark of success for the client. Derse’s operational leadership gave them the opportunity to make a bold statement at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023.


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