Promoting sustainable solutions on the trade show floor.


Rehrig Pacific



Project Brief

Rehrig Pacific has evolved from a plastics manufacturer to a global supply chain and waste management company. With a focus on providing sustainable solutions, they looked to Derse to put their high quality recycled materials on center stage at Waste Expo.


When Rehrig Pacific came to Derse, they requested a new booth design and build centered on their story of sustainability. Their goal was to ensure that attendees left their booth understanding Rehrig Pacific’s commitment to sustainability as part of the company’s DNA. With a focus on demonstrating Rehrig Pacific’s leadership and mission to promote sustainability, Derse got to work.

Derse Sustainable Trade Show Agency


Derse’s creative solutions focused on unique ways to incorporate sustainability into the exhibit while featuring Rehrig Pacific’s technology-forward products. To invite attendees into the exhibit, we used vibrant colors and a choreographed customer journey.

The layout of the booth incorporated the following engagement zones that told Rehrig Pacific’s story of sustainability.

Derse Rehrig Sustainable Trade Show Exhibit

Derse produced a fish tank display using one of Rehrig Pacific’s recycle carts as an interpretation of the pollution our marine life face and the work Rehrig Pacific is doing to reduce the waste. This unique product display and storytelling piece set the tone for attendees as they made their way throughout the exhibit space.

Derse Rehrig Sustainable Exhibit Booth

The sustainability story continued as attendees witnessed Rehrig Pacific’s previously discarded materials from the ocean on display. The unique representation and educational display showcased how much trash Rehrig Pacific recovers and what products they create using the recycled materials.

Derse Rehrig Sustainable Exhibit
Derse Sustainable Exhibit Company

Various displays throughout the exhibit incorporated their products including recycled plastic pallets to further demonstrate to their audience the role Rehrig Pacific plays in creating products with recycled materials.

Derse Sustainable Exhibit Marketing Agency Company
Derse Sustainable Trade Show Exhibit Company

The booth was designed with scalability in mind. We built modular exhibit components to scale to footprints ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 50’ x 50’, which allowed Rehrig Pacific to reuse the exhibit from Waste Expo for other shows in their trade show program.

Derse Sustainable Trade Show Exhibit Marketing Agency


By utilizing Rehrig Pacific’s recycled products as the architecture of their exhibit, we demonstrated the foundation of sustainability that their company is built upon. Not only did the exhibit educate attendees on Rehrig Pacific’s commitment to and leadership in sustainability, but it also made a show-stopping experience at Waste Expo.


More images of Rehrig Pacific at Waste Expo.