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United for Business




Project Brief

When United for Business wanted to elevate the presence of technology in their booth at GBTA, Derse delivered a successful exhibit from design to execution.


Purposeful Creative


As a leader in aviation, United for Business planned for a new exhibit for the Global Business Travel Association convention (GBTA) that contained multiple memorable spaces for their attendees. United for Business trusted Derse to design, build, and execute a high-tech exhibit that complemented their reputation as leaders in the industry.


To maximize United for Business’ investment in their 60’ x 60’ exhibit, Derse designed a modular fabric exhibit with warm wood accents to house them and their alliance partner brands.

Derse designed the booth with a goal of creating must-see spaces and high-tech signage within the exhibit that ensured each partner, product, and engagement was effectively showcased.

Derse Trade Show Booth United for Business
Derse Trade Show Marketing United for Business

High-tech Signage

In the center of the exhibit, behind the reception counter, a four-sided LED structure provided signage and digital content for the entire show. Designed to imitate airport signage, the structure offered attendees a high-tech first impression and provided them with clear navigation. The LED structure displayed arrows in the direction of each alliance partner and included the presentation schedule for the duration of the show.

Derse Trade Show Booth United for Business Product Display

Presentations and Broadcasted Interviews

To draw attendees into the booth, the presentation space featured a retired wingtip of a plane. Derse constructed a museum-style display with the wingtip to provide a historical contrast from the booth’s high-tech experience.

Derse designed the presentation space with the goal of eliminating the cluttered noise on the trade show floor. Headphones were provided to keep attendees focused and eliminate distractions to in-booth meetings.

Derse Trade Show Booth Seating United for Business

Debut of New Domestic First Class Seats

As United Airlines prepared for GBTA, their new domestic first class seats were soon to be released. GBTA was the perfect opportunity to debut the seats to their target audience; therefore, Derse created a central space in the exhibit for attendees to experience the new seats.

Derse Trade Show Booth United for Business Gamification

“Cleared to Land” Activation     

Integrating United for Business' digital marketing efforts with their face-to-face marketing experience, Derse designed a space for attendees to play their “Cleared to Land” game. During the activation, attendees attempted to digitally land a plane. Winners were awarded first-class plane tickets.

Derse Trade Show Exhibit United for Business


Derse’s design and execution exceeded their expectations. Every corner of the exhibit was well-attended; the game and first-class seats debut were attendee favorites throughout the show.

By incorporating tech-driven experiences, Derse successfully developed a memorable booth for United for Business at GBTA.