ABB – Virtual Event

Blending live-action content and digital technology for an engaging livestream and on-demand event.





Project Brief

ABB’s Electrification business is powering the future with safe, smart, and sustainable solutions. In their effort to create a low-carbon future, they needed the ability to showcase their solutions and services to their audience in an effective and powerful way.

ABB Virtual Event
ABB Virtual Event

To showcase their electrification solutions, ABB developed the idea to film live actors engaging with their exhibit properties in lieu of online, interactive animations. In partnership with our long-time contact, we supported his vision for a virtual, on-demand event. ABB sourced a studio space to produce the video, hired actors to host the event, and scripted the visitor journey.

The Derse team used ABB’s inventory of exhibit components to reconfigure an appropriate and controlled space, installed the properties, and dismantled them at the conclusion of filming. We were on-site to swap out components throughout filming to speak to the different segments and end-users.

The footage captured was used for their online event—ABB Solutions Showcase. Content was streamed on an interactive web page encouraging communication and interaction with attendees. 

The online experience encompassed three separate events in one focusing on three key areas: construction, utility, and industrial. Each event had its own schedule, preview of new products, close-up views of equipment, downloadable content, and the opportunity to connect with subject matter experts one-on-one.

ABB Virtual Event
ABB Virtual Event

There was also an increased level of engagement and a humanizing factor due to competitive trivia, a fascinating illusionist, and enjoyable bloopers captured when filming the hosts. Our team had the opportunity to partner with ABB and the illusionist to write scripts pairing product benefits with symbolic, jaw-dropping illusions.

ABB Virtual Event

“Obviously COVID had a huge impact on ABB’s face-to-face marketing endeavors, which in turn also had a huge impact on Derse. The ability to continue to partner with Derse on these studio showcases was a win-win. It enabled ABB to stay relevant in the market and reach our customer base with an engaging online solution. But it also provided Derse work they were not anticipating for their shop and several of their key account personnel. In turn, the execution of the project was flawless – proving once again Derse’s value as our exhibit partner.”

Al Colquitt, Trade Show & Events Manager with ABB Electrification

To further their return on investment, the ABB marketing team is exploring additional ways to use this high-quality content to reach attendees in the future as we make the safe and strategic return to in-person events.  

ABB Virtual Event

When all was said and done, the virtual event solution represented true teamwork and partnership between our in-house experts and our valued client. That is because we meet our clients where they are, listen to their ideas and needs, and support them however they need us.

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