Is Rental for You? Take a Cue from the Property Brothers

AUTHOR: Derse  /  January 31, 2017


HGTV has a popular TV show, Property Brothers, where twin duo Jonathan and Drew Scott (one a contractor and the other a real estate agent) transforms extreme fixer-uppers to build their clients’ dream home. Each episode follows the same premise: The brothers take their clients to a house that meets every item on their wish list. The catch? It’s way over budget. The brothers proceed to show their clients other options that require “a little love” but allow room to renovate to their liking. In the end, the clients prevail and transform their fixer-upper to a home that exceeds their wildest dreams.

Why do we bring all of this up? We’ve seen similar situations with our own clients.

Building your trade show exhibit can feel a lot like buying a home. It’s a massive investment and you want something that has real heart. Some of the common characteristics you’d look for in a “dream home” parallel what a marketer would expect out of an exhibit:


When you think of your “dream exhibit,” you could ask yourself the same questions as you would when searching for a home: Is this a starter or are you looking for something long-term? What is your budget? When do you need to move in? Your responses to these question could lead you to invest in a brand new build or to another solution that doesn’t always come to mind – renting a custom exhibit.

Why Rental?

In the trade show world, marketers don’t always have the budget for a complete build. Or they only have a few weeks to execute production. Others aren’t ready to commit to design and want the flexibility to adjust throughout the year. In instances like these, they should consider the benefits of a custom rental exhibit. While a rental exhibit is nothing like a rundown fixer-upper as far as quality goes – as part of OSPI, our rental exhibits are built with excellent craftsmanship and materials sourced through OCTANORM – it does have the same potential to be customized to your exact needs.

A common misconception is that rental exhibits are “cookie cutter,” but, more and more, you can walk a trade show floor without realizing which exhibits are made with rental systems. You can bring your unique design to life with custom features like cabinetry, fabric, graphics and more. In addition to smart design, they are functional and cost-efficient. Elements can be easily swapped and reconfigured based on your overarching brand campaign as it changes, or adjusted to your footprint for each show. With rental systems, you can still earn brand equity without breaking the bank.

By comparing building an exhibit to transforming a fixer-upper, we hope it makes it easier to wrap your head around the idea of rental exhibits and their value. This post only scratches the surface of what can be achieved through rental, but breaking misconceptions about it is a big first step.

In the end, the best decisions are made when you’re willing to think outside of the box, take risks and trust your agent – or face-to-face marketing consultant in this case.

When Are Exhibit Rentals the Right Decision?

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