Are you a Branded House or a House of Brands Exhibitor?

AUTHOR: Christian Paschke  /  May 24, 2017

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When companies acquire or merge with another company, sorting through the new company’s trade show program is a priority because of the financial implications. Booking trade show spaces happens a year or more in advance, leaving marketing teams with little time to integrate their trade show programs across the company’s growing brand portfolio. It’s a situation that calls for tough, big-ticket decisions on which shows to attend and whether to combine brands or exhibit separately.

For many organizations, budget is often a driver in the Branded House versus House of Brands decision. When faced with blending two established companies, most firms choose between one of two options: “Branded House” or “House of Brands”. Although budget is an important consideration, there are other factors to consider when choosing between these two approaches.

If you are developing a trade show strategy that spans more than one company, Derse’s new white paper, Branded House vs. House of Brands: Four Questions to Ask If You’re Considering Consolidating Multiple Companies Into One Exhibit, guides you through the process of making an informed, objective decision to best fit your marketing goals. We walk you through the four questions that will clarify whether exhibiting separately or together is the right approach.

Intrigued? Download the white paper now.

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