Creating perfect harmony – trade shows and environments

Derse | May 20, 2020

As marketers, we have a unique opportunity at this moment in time to step back, pause, and take a closer look at how our brand experiences may or may not be working together. With in-person trade shows currently on hold, this is an optimal time to make sure your customers’ experience with your brand is cohesive and harmonized no matter where they encounter it – at trade shows, your website, social marketing, and with your sales team.

As face-to-face experts, Derse works with our clients to make sure their brand experience at trade shows and events is seamless. Along those lines, have you thought about whether your marketing environment’s message is harmonized with your trade show program?

The nuances between the two face-to-face spaces can be simplified in this distinction: marketing environments use your place of business to tell your brand story, inspire customer engagement, and infuse branded moments at every touch point, while trade shows use a purpose-built exhibit on a trade show floor to introduce your company and inspire prospects to learn more about products and services.

While other obvious differences exist between a permanent branded environment and a trade show exhibit, there is a good case for treating them collaboratively. By connecting interactives, engagements, and subject matter experts across both your trade show program and marketing environment, you can create a more efficient and streamlined brand experience.

Here are four ways to get started harmonizing your company’s trade shows and environments:

Share your positioning and vision

Take a look at the messaging you communicate at your trade shows and your permanent environment; are you telling the same story? If not, look for ways to make sure your audiences are hearing a more consistent message no matter where they are.

Share customer engagement strategies

Review what your customer center co-workers do to connect pre-, at-, and post-visit, and then see how these touch points can be coordinated and implemented across your trade show exhibit promotions.

Share content and interactives

Look at your existing digital content and interactive elements and explore how they could translate from your trade show to your marketing environment.

Share cost

Consider sharing the cost of digital or physical components that could be used at both trade shows and within your customer centers.

If you feel your brand experience could be more aligned across your company’s experiential touch points, now is great time to connect with your co-workers to get the conversation started. Create a partnership with your trade show or brand environment counterpart to foster understanding, connection, and strategic guidance to ensure maximum effectiveness of each program.

Realizing your place of business could be a better reflection of your brand and message? Thinking about items you’ve seen on the trade show floor that would work on your home turf? Great! That means we’ve got you considering how to improve your performance. As an industry thought-leader, Derse is uniquely positioned to help our clients ensure their brand experience at trade shows and within marketing environments are harmonized – using the same or similar assets no matter where you’re connecting with your audience.

Download our ebook to learn about other ways to assess your face-to-face marketing program while trade shows and events are paused.

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