Making Your Experience Matter at CES 2020

Derse | January 6, 2020

In the month leading up to CES, the Consumer Electronic Show, ample blogposts and news articles are published to hype the latest and greatest in the tech world: what to look out for, what not to miss, and what the current buzz is.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the whirlwind of futuristic developments like self-driving cars or the possibility of artificial intelligence in the workplace. But, what does all of this mean to you and to your face-to-face marketing program? Make sure you head into CES with purpose and a strategy.

Derse understands this excitement—when appropriate, we encourage the use of purposeful technology as an effective tool in face-to-face marketing—and we’re eager to see the newest gadgets this week at CES. We also look forward to emerging trends in the tech ecosystem from one of the first trade shows of the new decade. As you keep your eyes peeled for innovative ideas for your own trade show program, the overwhelming number of exhibits and sights can make it difficult to focus on the overall takeaways from the show. 

As you’re preparing to head to the show, here are some recommendations to make your experience matter at CES 2020:


Attending CES is like running a marathon in slow motion. Everyone hits a wall from screen fatigue and crowd exhaustion, and it’s usually about that time when you walk right past something awesome as if it were invisible. Be rested, pace yourself, and stay fueled up so that you can maximize your own attention span throughout the show. And most of all, participate! Touch the screens, look out from the double-deck, put the goggles on, and ride in the hover car. CES can’t be truly appreciated if you’re an aisle dweller.  


CES media channels are updated by the minute, literally broadcasting live from the show floor. Without tapping into the pulse of these channels, you’ll almost certainly be missing out on something incredible. It’s a much better strategy to plug into these channels (CNET, Engadget, and Techradar to name a few) to stay current on all the latest reveals and news of the moment.


Most attendees will take hundreds of photos of their experience at CES. Take the time to categorize these and study them. By organizing your photos, you’ll make them easier to reference and integrate into future meaningful discussions with your marketing team upon your return.

So while you are checking out the newest in 5G, scoping out your future 8k TV, or planning your dream smart home, focus on the bigger picture.

Take a pragmatic approach and make your experience matter – while you might not be able to take that hover car home, the knowledge and experience from all that you take in isn’t a bad parting gift and if harnessed correctly can bring bold changes to your 2020 face-to-face program.

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