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Part One reviewed the benefits of exhibiting at DCW 2017 and Part Two demonstrated the success of two brands, LP and Metrie, who built lead management into their face-to-face strategy at DCW 2016. We conclude this series with our last case study from DCW 2016 and offer takeaways to ensure that you can make the most out of your data capture.

Moen at KBIS: Custom Survey Design, Lead Ranking Strategy and Staff Training

Moen is the #1 faucet brand in North America, offering a diverse selection of thoughtfully designed kitchen and bath products. 2016 was Moen’s most successful year in at least four years at DCW:

Much of the success from a data perspective can be attributed to two factors: lead ranking model simplification and mandatory questions. In the previous year, Moen’s lead ranking model included three complicated scoring categories that accompanied a multi-branched survey. Derse simplified the lead ranking model to focus on attendees’ decision-making authority and purchase time frame.

Another factor which led to the massive improvement in lead quality was staff performance. Derse recommended that Moen hire three additional staff to focus on scanning and moving attendees through the engagement strategy. The hired staff scanned over 40 percent of the leads at KBIS. Also, the reduction in the number of questions also made it easier for staff to memorize the survey, which aided administration.

With the robust data they collected, Moen can make data-driven marketing decisions for their future shows.


The benefits of exhibiting at DCW are undeniable: direct engagement with your core target audience members who come with the intent to purchase. With a smarter lead management strategy, you can keep up the momentum to push your leads through the customer journey. A lead capture tool, like iQ, is the first step to benchmarking your lead data and collecting valuable market insights. Elevate your lead management before, during and after the show with these four tactics:

  • Simplify questions and make some or all mandatory. As seen with Moen, the brief survey with mandatory questions not only illuminated the high-quality leads, it also made it easy for staff engagers to work the questions into their conversations naturally.
  • Develop a lead ranking model for a consistent scoring procedure. Derse’s iQ gives exhibitors an edge – the app reveals lead rankings in real time. With this knowledge, exhibitors can maximize the at-show impact of high-value conversations with clients. Further, lead ranking helps marketers more easily understand the value of their investments and tie trade show leads back to metrics that impact sales.
  • Hire and train staff to increase lead captures. With an attendance rate like DCW’s, you would be remiss not to reinforce your staff to manage the volume. Hiring additional staff can help manage traffic flow, acquire more leads and, most importantly, free you to engage with prospective clients and nourish existing relationships.
  • Use CRM-enabled outreach or marketing automation to quickly follow-up on leads. Act immediately on hot leads by sending follow-up communications. One of iQ’s features is eLiterature Fulfillment – you can save a library of promotional materials and send them to leads all within the app.


Your lead management strategy should start with the data and close with actionable steps for engaging and nourishing your leads down the purchasing path.

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