Exhibits, Events, and… What?

AUTHOR: Derse  /  October 16, 2018

CATEGORY: Environments

When you walk into an Apple store you become immersed in the brand, product, and atmosphere. It’s not just a retail space; it’s a place that can connect, educate and engage its customers. This isn’t by accident, Apple purposefully created their retail environments to increase connection points between their customers and their brand, not just their products.

An Apple store is actually a well-thought-out marketing environment, and we know a thing or two about creating them.

We’re in the business of exhibits, events, and environments but we often get asked, “what do you mean by environment?” Marketing environments serve as an opportunity to use your place of business to tell your brand story, inspire customer engagement, and infuse branded moments at every touchpoint.

Derse’s marketing environment design process focuses on storytelling while emphasizing flexibility to adapt as your needs demand and your brand evolves. As your brand evolves so should your environment. Check out three different environments Derse has helped bring to life and read on for our three best practices when creating a strong marketing environment.


You can never make a first impression twice; lobbies can be the perfect opportunity to make an instant impact on your customers while introducing them to your company and your brand. They help set the tone and inspire conversation between key stakeholders and customers for the rest of the experience.

Experience & Innovation Centers

Designed for participation, creativity, and fun while serving as a platform to engage in conversation about your product. CommScope, a communication technology company, wanted to use their business environment to showcase how technology is evolving to impact how we communicate, live, and learn. Rather than focusing on the high-tech scientific side of CommScope’s products, our environment designers focused on capturing visitors’ imagination of the possibilities CommScope technology provided to them. Visitors moved throughout their innovation center by interacting with each technology application in its environment – at the office, at home, or on the go.

Briefing Centers

Briefing centers connect products and services to the customer through a customized experience showcasing products and services in innovative and strategic ways. Many clients use core business themes as threads that weave through the highly customized and customer-centric space.

A marketing environment must support a fulfilling customer experience by:

Being Flexible

Messaging isn’t permanent – environments shouldn’t be either. Ensure your environment can evolve WITH your messaging without requiring a major physical overhaul or being a budget buster. For instance, consider using digital interactive components to allow flexibility in current and future messaging while remaining immersive.

Being Functional

We help clients consider how their space can be multi-functional. In the design process, we create a variety of functional options so clients can get more out of their marketing environment. Small briefing rooms, for example, can also serve as dining and entertaining spaces by incorporating digital media features and versatile furniture.

Being Fruitful

Ask yourself, what is the end goal? It’s good to wow your customers and partners, but even better to connect. Whether your goal is to further a future conversation or a confirm a partnership, it’s important to find the balance between a beautiful business space and a selling environment.

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