What if your exhibit improved, immersed and influenced?

5,000 shows per year between 500 clients. Exhibits of any size. Clients in every industry. More than 65 years of experience. What does that have to do with your program? Everything. And nothing. Because talking about our past isn’t enough to improve your future. We want to talk about your program. Your brand. Your customers. Your business. If you’re not improving your business through trade shows, what are you doing?


What if peace of mind were easier to find?

Before we can talk about improving your program, we have to
prove we can manage it first. For Derse, that means the pursuit
of Flawless Execution. Read More >That means being on time, on budget and show-ready—no matter what. We have clients who have been with us for more than 20 years, which speaks to our level of client service. We find ways to spend less on logistics and more on what matters without increasing your budget—a process we call funding improvement. We focus on the details so you can focus on engaging your customers.Read Less >

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What if you could bring your audience inside your story?

Exhibits connect a buyer to a brand. Our goal is to make your audience
engaged, enthusiastic and eager to participate. Read More >We want them to receive the message at a level that connects with a deeper understanding. We create emotion. We disrupt the status quo. We’re not concerned with monuments to your company. We’re interested in telling your story. Nothing is more powerful than your story beautifully told. This is how we advance your customers along the purchasing pathRead Less >

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What if you could prove your spend drove your sales?

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Most CMOs believe face-to-face engagements are essential to driving sales, but only 6% of them believe they can do so well*. We see room for a 94% improvement. Your company should go to shows to make money—not spend it. To Derse, this level of thinking should be commonplace. Unfortunately, in our industry, it’s frustratingly rare. If your budget doesn’t improve your business, then what’s the point?

* “Customer Attainment from Event Engagement,” Full Report, CMO Council study, April 2013