Four Tips to Better Brand Perception

AUTHOR: Derse  /  September 19, 2017

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As customer experience has become a go-to marketing strategy, more brands are focusing on creating emotional connections with customers. As easy as it is to initiate a good first impression, it’s infinitely more difficult to improve customer perception after a bad experience. We understand how quickly you can lose touch with your audience over industry changes, consumer trends, and poorly-timed tweets. Inspired by HubSpot’s blog post, here’s our take on what steps will help regain your place at the forefront of customers’ minds.

  1. Identify how customers view your brand – Understanding how your target audience perceives your brand’s mission and product value is an essential – and initial – step in developing a marketing strategy to shift customer perception. Create a simple, yet effective survey to gain insight on brand sentiment.
  2. Adjust your messaging based on demographics, trends, etc – With the gathered data on customer pain points and product gaps, you can begin to show your audience you understand them. Change your campaign messaging to tackle customer needs, and subsequently connect emotionally with your audience. Check out how marketers shifted their messaging to target millennial parents and the problems they specifically encounter.
  3. Create positive associations – Rolling out external activations through employing better customer service, executing a pop-up campaign with giveaways, or even forming a distinctive online presence and community provides customers with the pathway to developing a unique – and positive – bond with your brand. Whatever you ultimately choose to do, embrace your brand and be yourself.
  4. Anticipate potential changes – You know what they say, nothing in this world stays the same…including your marketing proposition. Take time at regularly timed intervals to monitor future trends, industry changes and audience demographics. Assess how your brand is providing value to customers and how you can continue to do so as the market evolves.

These four steps are in no way an all-encompassing solution to improving your brand’s reputation, but it’s an essential start to understanding how to connect with your customer base. Showing your audience you value them as customers, will ultimately provide you value.

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