Brand Reinforcement: What We Can Learn from FedEx

AUTHOR: Derse  /  September 22, 2016

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The iconic FedEx logo just took a subtle yet significant turn.

The company announced that they would be transitioning all logos to purple and orange. Previously, FedEx used different color schemes to signify different business divisions. When consumer research showed purple and orange was their most recognized combination, FedEx saw this as an opportunity to reinforce their brand identity globally.

“As we grow and expand, we’ve recognized that there’s one FedEx brand in the world, and we want to make sure we maximize its value and simplify it for customers. The time was right to make a change.”
– Patrick Fitzgerald, FedEx SVP of integrated marketing

This seemingly small change has a vast effect on brand recognition and awareness. FedEx gets billions of brand impressions every day across their packaging, aircraft, trucks and drop boxes. Each and every connection has a meaningful impact and tells a story. For them, it’s about giving their customers “the most powerful brand imagery” they can.

We can apply FedEx’s marketing strategy to our own face-to-face marketing programs. Trade show exhibits, events and environments provide a great opportunity to get your brand in front of hundreds or thousands of attendees. It’s important to not only stand out, but to make your message clear. Whether you’re marketing regionally, nationally or internationally, make sure every touch point aligns with your identity.

For some, this may mean an overhaul of existing properties. It could mean re-envisioning your brand message. Or it could mean better measuring the success of your efforts. These aren’t things that can happen overnight. If you and your team find the value in streamlining your marketing presence, here are three tactics specific to trade show exhibits you can start to consider.

Design and messaging – Like FedEx did, do you use variations of your logo or taglines event-to-event? Sometimes all it takes is a Seed Idea or single image to reinforce what you represent as a brand. One that is timeless and translates across borders.

Upgrading structural elements of your booth – Aligning brand identity across your properties might seem inconvenient. Maybe it’s not financially feasible for you to overhaul your existing properties. However, there are more economical – and sustainable – upgrades you can make. Work with your exhibit company to find light-weight structural accents like branded fabric stands and branded shell schemes or consider rental pieces until you’re ready to invest in new capital.

Surveying attendeesIntegrate marketing analytics as part of your face-to-face marketing strategy to ensure you’re getting your message across. Perform on-site surveys, Exit Interviews for example, to gather attendee perceptions of your brand, engagement and booth experience.

Face-to-face marketing is the most powerful tool for advancing your story and driving connections between you and your attendees. That’s why every detail, down to the logo color, is worth examination. As we consult our own clients, we review their face-to-face program from their initial brand objectives all the way to final construction. We draw upon our creative and experiential teams, client strategic services and our production teams to make sure you’re delivering a consistent, powerful brand presence anywhere in the world.

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