How to Use Immersive Marketing to Connect With Generation Z

AUTHOR: Derse  /  November 16, 2017

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Unlike their elders, younger generations favor experiences over things. Face-to-face marketing is all about connecting with customers via experiences and needs to focus on both appealing to your target audience and creating authentic, meaningful experiences.

Entrepreneur recently looked at how to use experiential marketing to connect with Generation Z. Eighty percent of millennials rank events as the best moments of their lives, providing memories and a community connection. Brands who deliver an unforgettable experience can create lifelong loyalty among a generation who are just entering adulthood.

Do your homework. Generation Z, in particular, are looking for unique experiences, not a one-size-fits-all campaign. However, a brand has to first understand how to engage with them.  A vital first step is leveraging analytics and insights from previous campaigns to inform your next customer-focused experience.

For analytics, move beyond demographics to focus on psychographic and interest segmenting. This will allow a brand to create experiences and events that align directly to what makes Gen Z tick.

Derse has worked closely with brands to create customized perception studies for their target audiences. This tracking study provides invaluable insight into how a customer perceives an exhibit or experience from start to finish.

Experiences that wow. Whether it is face-to-face or digital, Generation Z is also looking for authentic engagement with brands. Similar tactics for older generations have worked. For example, Airbnb used digital previews for their “Live There” campaign to increase brand loyalty and immersion. Utilizing customized videos, users had a feel for an experience package prior to arriving at their destination.

Brands who create brag-worthy events, customized to Gen Z interests, will find increased loyalty and deeper brand immersion among this crucial market segment.

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