Make Sure Your Event Content Matters

AUTHOR: Derse  /  December 26, 2017

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When it comes to marketing, recent data confirms what many of us already know: Quality matters over quantity. A recent infographic from UBM, while technology industry-focused, delivers the goods when it comes to statistics that back up this concept in an event setting. Content is key, but relevant content is what moves the needle!

At Derse, we believe face-to-face marketing via events, exhibits, and experiences is the best way to connect. But it goes beyond that. The connection has to be amplified by the quality of the content. To borrow a phrase from James Brown, you don’t want to be “talking loud and saying nothing.”

Here are a few of our favorite takeaways from the UBM infographic.

  • Customers are more informed than ever — IT professionals use five or more content types to make purchasing decisions, and 50 percent or more list events as one of those resources. That means events can’t simply be about flash; they must contain meaningful substance for attendees.
  • Find your format — IT buyers prefer white papers, industry-specific info, and video. But in what format does your audience crave content? Understanding your target audience also means understanding how they prefer to consume content. Identify and leverage these mediums to get your message across.
  • Understanding and connection — Quality content is required, but the real test of that quality is whether the content shows you understand the unique challenges of your audience. Insight into your field that you can connect with your customers on will set you above the competition. Keep an eye on your competitors. Audit their content marketing efforts. What competitor tactics can you improve upon and apply to your future campaigns?
  • Content over marketing — Good marketing doesn’t seem like marketing. Marketing jargon and marketing-focused people in your booth can quickly deter attendees from seeking out more information. Connect with them over your content, not a sales pitch.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. They go to trade shows to learn and to boost their business going forward. Provide them with content they can use and you’ll get the ROI you want from events.

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