Never Say Die: Derse’s Road(trip) to Client Success

AUTHOR: Derse  /  August 28, 2017


Experienced exhibitors have learned that you will never be able to anticipate all the variables thrown at you between trucks leaving the shop dock and the show opening. There will always be something you never saw coming. The key to success in our business is to always be ready for the unexpected, and to never say die when the unexpected happens.

Take Ed Horrocks, an Account Director out of our Chicago division (who also happens to be our favorite Brit). Ed needed to be in New Orleans on Friday morning to lead the installation for his client at SHRM17 (Society of Human Resource Management Annual Conference and Expo). He booked an early Thursday flight to be safe, but even he wouldn’t be spared from the law that what could go wrong, will go wrong.

Upon arrival at O’Hare International Airport, Ed was notified by the airline agent that his 8:00 am flight to New Orleans had been cancelled, there were no other flights, but that they could book him (and his wife, Hannah, who was tagging along for her first trip to the Big Easy) on a flight Saturday morning. Ed pressed for other options. Other airlines. No dice. Setup started on Friday morning, and he was not going to accept not being there, so he cancelled his airfare, confirmed the refund, and he and Hannah had themselves a little road trip.

900+ miles later, after almost 14 hours of windshield time (top speed of 90mph), they arrived in New Orleans, safe and sound, and Ed jumped right into leading the install like nothing ever happened. Check out their adventures:

“I pride myself on delivering my promises – with no exceptions. I promised that I would be there for the install and unveiling of a new exhibit. It was a no-brainer for me to drive. Our clients have a million other things to coordinate on the show floor from staff training, badges, hotel rooms, and more. So the more I can take off of their plate and put onto my own during the exhibit execution, the better. I’ve noticed that my approach is not unique to me within Derse; service is not what we do, it’s who we are.”
– Ed Horrocks

Ed might not be the first AE at Derse that had to take matters into his own hands to get things back on schedule, but his is another story that demonstrates what makes Derse different – our people.

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