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When they’re done right, product launch events are more than business. They’re personal. An event creates an environment to create multiple touch points and lasting impressions for attendees. This is your customers’ first glimpse at your newest product and, more importantly, your first chance to create personal connections between your customers and your brand.

Event attendees are more than spectators—they are part of your brand journey. Consider these three tips for creating an interactive and inviting environment that will leverage their brand advocacy and buying power:

1) Maximize venue and design layout. Your event layout should entice traffic flow and spark spontaneous engagements with the products. Don’t tie attendees down to seats or to one area of the space. Create a dynamic experience that keeps the curiosity flowing from room to room or station to station.

2) Provide consumer education and demonstrations. A product is no good if people don’t understand how to use it or how it makes their lives easier. Set up demo stations for attendees to test the new product. Show it both as a stand-alone and then with other products it can be integrated with to show its full capabilities.

3) Give your attendees a reason to show off. Whether it’s on Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter, consumers are quick to share their status. Be the place to “see and be seen.” Attendees should feel like they are getting exclusive access to your brand. Bring in a sought-after guest speaker or hire novelty acts. Set up photo stations with the function to share the photo online in real time. Distinguish a hashtag for the event. Keep the online buzz going throughout.

As an event manager, no detail can go untouched. Your brand story should weave all the way through your event, from the venue down to the food. You have hundreds of moving parts to manage behind the scenes, all while trying to engage and interact with your customers. The right partnership with an event company can streamline planning and execution and solidify your brand message across channels. Take a look at the benefits as seen through our work with ASUS for their ZenFone 2 U.S. product launch:

ASUS ZenFone 2, with an already strong brand footprint in Asia, was preparing to introduce their product line to the U.S. domestic market. Looking to capitalize on the latest technology, and at an affordable price without ties to a major phone carrier, ASUS wanted to kick-start American sales with a live product launch event. They needed an event that would align with ASUS’ brand message and entertain attendees in unique ways to create a lasting memory of ZenFone2. They challenged Derse to interpret, manage and execute the vision—with only five weeks to do it.

The launch campaign’s overarching theme “See What Others Can’t See” built upon the idea of utilizing the ZenFone 2 as another window into the world. By using the product as a second pair of eyes, consumers are able to capture events and memories through the high-tech camera and use the device’s capabilities as an assistance to living in the everyday world.

Derse embraced the role as a coordinator and manager of services. From choosing the venue to the small yet impactful details, Derse ensured a cohesive experience throughout all touch points. Our creative and events staff was influential behind the development and execution of the following:

· Venue research, design and layout
· Developing and executing attendee interactions
· Keynote speaker and pre-show entertainment
· Menu and wait staff
· Security and safety

We displayed gaming notebooks in the reception area and hosted a technical symposium in the registration area. Prior to the main event, the grand ballroom held a cirque act entertaining guests with acrobatic dancers using the new ZenFone 2 for selfies. Next, a keynote presentation was live-streamed to both the ASUS website and Facebook to further engage prospects unable to attend the event and to display the technological advancement of the brand. After the product was announced, attendees were able to visit ASUS’ display and selfie stations that allowed interactive use with the product. Examples of interactive use included a car simulation station with a pedal and giant screen where an attendee could “drive” a car through the use of a ZenFone2.

By utilizing our client’s vision for the design, being part of all channels in production and monitoring execution, Derse was able to host an immersive experience for all attendees. Overall, 300 press and bloggers specializing in electronics were present—125% more guests than ASUS projected. Additionally, the brand and product were a trending topic on the landing page. Derse assisted ASUS in making a lasting impression among these attendees and as a result enhanced brand awareness.

Derse knows that all eyes are on the event manager. For you it’s personal. That’s why we take your needs personally. When it comes to events, we only have one shot. Derse manages the details, so you can focus on what matters most. For more on how we support our clients, view our Leadership Round Table:

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