Overcome Branding Problems With Face-to-Face Marketing

AUTHOR: Derse  /  December 15, 2017

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With “Auld Lang Syne” ringing in your ears, it’s a time for reflection, both personal and professional. When it comes to the professional, you’re likely looking back at what branding and marketing efforts worked in the past year, which ones didn’t, and what to do over the next 365 days.

At Derse, we believe in the powerful connections created by face-to-face marketing, something cemented even more so by a recent article about branding and social media on the Harvard Business Review. Social media marketing was originally created as a way for brands to increase their digital reach and engage directly with their target audience. However, like all marketing mediums, brands can get caught up in common social media pitfalls which lessen their marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Remember that it is important to not spend too much energy chasing trends. Instead, seek to create innovative content and experiences for your target audiences. Successful campaigns – both online and in-person – don’t just employ the latest tactics, but rely on a deep understanding of what their audience is looking for.

Here are a few recommendations on how to interact with your audience to deliver the genuine connection that many brands are continuing to struggle with.

  1. Connections that count —People are inundated with messaging and marketing, whether it is digital, traditional, or at a trade show. It can become just noise if not executed properly. Experiences cut through that noise. Experiential marketing delivers quality over quantity and turns people into customers and brand advocates
  2. Out with the old, in with the new — Same old marketing, same old limited results. New audiences are looking for brands that engage them in new ways. Don’t settle for methods that have worked; find new methods that will connect.
  3. Do more — Nothing beats that face-to-face connection, but why stop there? Use social media marketing to supplement and amplify your in-person efforts to boost your message and solidify your connection to your customer.

By focusing on how to connect with your customers in the new year, you can overcome issues that many companies are running into with the ever-changing marketing landscape. Taking that genuine connection to the next level with powerful face-to-face marketing will undoubtedly set you up for a successful 2018.

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